Video: Elektron​ Digitone meets Novation​ Launchpad Pro MK3 Hardware Sequencer, Note and Chord Modes

Here is a 1 minute video of a new song I'm working on with the Digitone. In this piece, I'm used the Launchpad Pro MK3 hardware sequencer to create a sequences with probability and mutation. I then recorded the MIDI output of the Launchpad Pro MK3 into Digitone via hardware MIDI connection from Launchpad.... Continue Reading →

@Ableton “Spectral Textures” Live Pack is Now Free

Ableton released a new Live Pack called Spectral Textures. The Spectral Textures Pack is now free. New sounds can bring new ideas, so we’ll be offering more free sounds soon. You can download the pack here One part field recordings and one part additive synthesis, Spectral Textures is a unique instrument that blends together... Continue Reading →

Ess, Father of the Elektron Digitone, is Streaming Epic Videos on Twitch. Watch the Recordings.

Digitone is my favorite Elektron synth. This being the case, I was quite excited to find that Elektron developer Ess Mattisson started streaming on Twitch. According to his Elektronauts profile he is "on the Applied Design team at Elektron, where I conjure synths and push pixels". So as you might imagine this is some great... Continue Reading →

Isotonik Studios Asteroids Max for Live Generative Sequencer Free Till April 8th

UNTIL 8th APRIL ASTEROIDS IS FREE TO DOWNLOAD. It'S yours forever so don't delay in adding it to your account. Asteroids is a MaxforLive Generative Sequencer that can be used on it's own or integrated with Ableton Live supported controllers.Designed and created by Ableton Certified Trainer Mark Towers the device takes it’s inspiration from the... Continue Reading →

Get All the Features of Ableton Live 10 Suite Free for 90 Days!

Ableton has just extended the free trial the Live 10 Suite free from 30 to 90 days (including the ability to save and export). So whether you are running Live Intro or Standard and were curious about awesome synths like Wavetable or Operator or Max for Live devices - or you are new to Live... Continue Reading →

Video: Free Online Class with Professor Thomas Dolby – Music Composition for Film and Games at Johns Hopkins University’s Peabody Conservatory in Baltimore

[Update Post on April 3rd, 2020] Added 2nd video in the series. Check out a Free Online Class with Professor Dolby!... For the past five years I’ve been teaching an undergraduate degree course in Music Composition for Film and Games at Johns Hopkins University’s Peabody Conservatory in Baltimore, USA. Many people have asked me if... Continue Reading →

Improv with Ableton Live, Push 2 and Max for Live Devices FlexGroove and Granulator II Here is video of an improv with Ableton Live and Push2 I streamed to Facebook Live earlier today. The video is a download from my FB live stream so low rez but you'll get the idea. I improvised it all on-the-fly. Prior to playing I setup a few tracks such as a Simpler containing... Continue Reading →

Nine Inch Nails Releases 2 New Free Albums in the Ghosts Series – GHOSTS V: TOGETHER and GHOSTS VI: LOCUSTS

Heads up! Nine Inch Nails just released 2 new albums which they are making available for free! These releases are a continuation of the GHOSTS series and are called GHOSTS V: TOGETHER and GHOSTS VI: LOCUSTS. Links to download and stream the album at the bottom of the post. Friends- Weird times indeed…As the news... Continue Reading →

Sonic State Hosting Q-SONIC – A New Online Showcase Event April 24-26

FYI - Just saw this over at Sonic State As we all scramble to recalibrate around what is becoming a new normal; while we hunker down and protect ourselves and our loved ones from the COVID-19 bug, we’ve seen all events in the calendar disappearing, including our beloved Superbooth, plus Synthplex, Synth Reactor,  Ableton Loop... Continue Reading →

Gary Numan Posting Videos to Help in These Worrying Times

Yesterday, I saw this post by Gary Numan on twitter. The full video on Vimeo is an fantastically unguarded, intimate, and funny message and performance. It's amazing to see such a seasoned performer letting his guard down in such a humble way, and it really seems to be resonating with people! Links I'm assuming he'll... Continue Reading →

Modulate This! Synth Tech & Technique Blog is Baaack…

Heads up! Modulate This! is its own site again. All the archives dating back to 2005 are here, plus some new posts that were on my artist site. A small team of writers from the family biz Newecho Productions will be helping me out - yay! Subscribe / Manage Subscription If you subscribed in the... Continue Reading →

Catch Up on Tangerine Dream

I was a HUGE fan of Tangerine Dream but I have to admit though that in the last 15 years or so I kind of lost track of what they were up to. Back in the day I played the vinyl albums for the Sorcerer soundtrack and Stratosphere until I about wore them out. After... Continue Reading →

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