Demystifying Synths & Inspiring Your Inner Sound Designer

Mark Mosher from Boulder, CO here. Welcome to Modulate This! where I write articles and produce videos on synth tech & technique. Now in its 11th year, there are 100s of articles to help you on your sound design journey whether you are and up and coming sound designer, a seasoned expert, or an artist who wants to boost your sound design chops to help you create more unique sound and music.

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Sharing Deep Knowledge for Producers, Film Composers, and Performers

I work with a huge variety of synths (hardware and software) in all genres of music and sound. I go deep and explore all the corners of deep instruments such as Zebra 2 – a goto synth in my blockbuster films such as the Dark Knight, Inception, Intergalactic and TV shows such as Helix – and then offer articles and videos to educate and inspire.

Being a Better Sound Designer Can Lead You to Wide Variety of Projects

Being a better designer can also lead to gigs beyond making tracks – such as work on installations. For example, I  was asked by the Bob Moog Foundation to deliver an installation for Dr. Bob’s Interactive Sonic Experience for the Mountain Oasis Festival in Asheville, NC. The installation was based on original Ableton and Percussa AudioCubes templates along with original sound  “refills”. The installation entertained, educated, and inspired festival attendees for 18 hours of three days!

Demystifying Complex Synths and Synth Techniques so You Can Go Beyond Factory Presets

There some amazing synth technologies on the market. Getting to the heart of these unique technologies quickly helps you make more unique and expressive art. I can help demystify these instruments in practical ways so you can use them to increase your sonic palette for your projects and go beyond factory presets. Here is a highlight reel of some of my tutorials.

Free Presets

The Return of Modulate This! Patch Lab

Modulate This! Patch Lab ™ is back. It’s a section of this site where you’ll be able to download and buy some of presets and sound sets. I’ll be adding sounds and sound sets soon. For now, check out the Zebra 2 presets below. Subscribe if you want to be notified by email when this section of the site launches. Take the poll to let me know what synths you are into.


Free Zebra 2/Zebralette Presets


Outpost: Airlock is a set of  12 expressive presets for Zebra 2 and the free Zebralette. These presets show off Zebra 2’s Oscillator FX capabilities.

Here is a sample track made using only sounds from this sound set.

Click here to download a zip file that contains the presets and patch notes.