iTunes 7.0.1 does not fix Error – “iTunes Unable to Browse Album Covers On This Computer”

Itunes_1_0_7 Apple just release iTunes 1.0.7 (I installed it and my version is You can download it from here. According to Apple, "iTunes 7.0.1 addresses stability and performance issues with Cover Flow, CD importing, iPod syncing, and more."

Unfortunately, this release did NOT  remedy cover flow problems on my XP System. If the video driver is not configured properly, you will still get the cryptic "iTunes 7 Error – iTunes Unable to Browse Album Covers On This Computer."

If you are receiving this error, check out this article in my blog for possible fixes.

Mark Mosher

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  1. iTunes still have problems when playin’ the audio files, when you are listening to music and open an internet browser, the music scratches.


  2. Hi, I just updated to iTunes 7 and had the same problem with cover flow as you did. When I tried what you said, I figured out my PC’s highest color quality was 24 bits, my hardware acceleration is full, so do you think the prob is that is not 32 bits? I’ll appreciate your help.


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