Will your M-Audio Axiom work with Windows Vista?

Vista_ready_axiom Article Update: Check out this article for M-Audios announcement about compatibility.

According to the M-Audio knowledge base, "Currently, M-Audio does not offer Vista drivers or Vista software updates (beta or otherwise)."   Despite this information, some users on the Ableton forum are reporting that they are able to use their Axiom keyboards with Vista. I decided to do some hands-on testing with my Axiom 25 on a Vista system and see for myself how well it worked.

I plugged my Axiom into the USB port of a HP Pavilion dv9000t laptop running Vista. Much to my surprise,  Vista auto-detected the Axiom and installed two ports – one port the Axiom controller  itself, and another port for external MIDI in/out.

I was able to map the ports within FL Studio 7 and Ableton Live 6.0 and the keys, knobs, pads, assignable buttons all work as expected.

So, while this is not officially supported, it seemed to work for me.

I did not have a chance to test the Enigma editor (I was testing this on a friends system and ran out of time).  If any of you readers out there have done so, feel free to add a comment to this post and let us know how well it worked.

Copyright 2007, Mark Mosher

2 thoughts on “Will your M-Audio Axiom work with Windows Vista?

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  1. I just installed the drivers from the CD that came with the Axiom 25 – under Windows Vista. At first if the CD auto-runs it will tell you that the driver is incompatible with this version of Windows. However the compatibility tool included in Vista does work on these drivers and allows the full driver to be installed from CD.
    Browse the files on the CD and find the MA-CMIDI file which is the setup file for the driver. Then right click on that file. Click properties. Then select the tab at the top of the properties window called “Compatability”. Then set the file to run in Windows XP (svc pk 2) compatability mode, and…
    Wahla – it works perfectly!
    Hope this helps someone out.


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