Image Line’s Juice Pack 2.0 (10% off link) – Now You Can Use the FL Studio Core Effects as VSTs Within Other Programs

Juice_pack2Image Line, the makers of Fl Studio and Deckadance, have released Juice Pack 2.0.  Juice Pack is a collection of the most popular effects from FL Studio in VST form. This pack is normally $99,You can download a demo here, but when you go to buy you can save money by using this 10% off link. It’s a pretty big bang for the buck!

If your an FL Studio user who normally uses rewire to access FL Studio effects, you can use these effects natively within another VST host (such as Ableton Live, Cubase, Sonar…). Click the image on the left to enlarge a screen shot of some effects mapped into Ableton Live.

If you are not an FL Studio user, you owe it yourself to check out the out this pack of VSTs as it contains some fantastic effects, most notably Fruity Vocoder, Fruity Love Filter, The Edison Wave editor. Last year, I posted a video tutorial of using Fruity Vocoder within Fl Studio. Note, I’m working on a tutorial for using the vocoder with Ableton Live, subscribe to this blog to be notified when this and other articles are posted.

Here is a summary of what is in Juice Pack 2.0…

New in Juice Pack 2.0

  • IL Love Philter – consists of eight identical filter units, each able to be feed to the next one in the chain. It can create complex delay, gating and filtering effects.
  • Parametric EQ 2 – is an advanced 7-band parametric equalizer plugin with spectral analysis. The band type and the frequency and width of each band are fully adjustable. You can choose from High Shelf, Low Shelf, Peaking, Band Pass, Notch, Low Pass, High Pass or Band Pass filters for each band independently. There is also a global gain slider to adjust the overall volume.
  • Wave Candy – is a flexible audio analysis and visualization tool including an Oscilloscope, Spectrum Analyser and Peak Meter. The display type, colors, frequency range and dynamic range are fully customizable.

Updated VSTs from Juice Pack 1.0 that are still in the Pack

  • Multiband Compressor – Control volume peaks and fatten sounds in 3 frequency bands.
  • Delay – Creates echoes with echo filtering options
  • Delay Bank – Creates impossibly complex echoes and filtering.
  • WaveShaper – Define your own distortion curves.
  • EQUO – Graphic Morphing EQ with spectral learning capability.
  • Parametric EQ – Control bandwidth and target frequency of EQ bands.
  • Flangus – Phase cancellation effect.
  • Vocoder – Sound like a robot or make a synth sound talk.
  • Edison – Audio recorder / editor.
  • Spectroman – See what your noise looks like with a sonograph or spectrograph display.
  • Stereo Enhancer – Simulate or enhance stereo effects.

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