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This “Page” is an index page for conversations and links for u-he’s ACE synthesizer.

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  • Videos (coming soon)
  • ACE Category on Modulate This (coming soon)

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  1. I just bought u-he’s Ace synthesizer. I’ve decided to create “Page” on modulate this that would act as an index for links and conversation around this awesome synth.
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  2. Nordmach on twittter (http://twitter.com/nordmach) asked “ACE so your saying it’s basically kick ass? What would u compare it 2?”
    Well, it’s a subtractive synth, and it has some unbelievable filters and oscilators, and it has a modern and simple approach to modular with visual patching.
    Here is a quote from page 5 of the manual on going beyond subrtracive:
    “The sky is NOT the limit – all modulation can work beyond the limits of human
    hearing. For instance, the LFOs (Low Frequency Oscillators) can be set above 20
    kHz, and still modulate e.g. the pulse width of an oscillator. This gives you a sonic
    freedom previously reserved for expensive analogue hardware. Either or both
    LFOs can be used as audio oscillators in their own right (e.g. for crystal-clear FM
    sounds). Conversely, the VCOs can be used as alternative LFOs, i.e. they can be
    set as low as 0.00 (zero) Hz. Note: DC components are quickly removed from the
    VCO outputs, so their shapes when used as LFOs might not be as you would
    It can also do Pulse Width Modulation, Sample and Hold, Self Oscillation, Sync, FM and Amplitude Modulation!!! All in a very clean simple interface.
    Comparison wise:
    – Sound: reminds me a bit of FXpansion Strobe and Cyhper mixed togeher – although a little more straight forward. Beefy yet capable of a large spectral palette. CPU hog like DCAM Synth squad ;^).
    – UI and Programming: Very simple yet deep. While it doesn’t look like FAW Circle exactly, it uses a similar visual approach to routing but with patch cables instead of circles.
    – Modulation: It has a VERY cool modulation scheme called Mapping Generator. This is similar to using “Animator” in FXpansions as a free modulator. It’s a very immediate and great way to matrix modulatio (see p. 18 in the manual – link is in root of the page).
    I’m not a Zebra 2 user but I have played with Zebra 2 a bit and ACE takes some concepts from Zebra and simplifies the steps it takes to get fantastic sound.
    Hope that helps.


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