Devo Gearing up for 2010 – Playing Awards Ceremonies at the 2010 Winter Olympics in Whistler, BC February 22nd…

2009 was a pretty big year for DEVO. They re-issued of 'Q: Are We Not Men? A: We Are Devo!' and  'Freedom Of Choice' and went out on tour to perform both albums in their entirety.

2010 looks to be even bigger. They are wrapping up work on a new album, have a deal with Warner, are poised for a tour in 2010 with Josh Freese (NIN) on drums, will be performing with a “rumored” new look, and have kicked off some fun de-evolution and social commentary.

Upcoming shows include:

On Warner Brothers and Corporate Marketing
Is DEVO holding back on their rhetoric now that they are back with Warner Brothers? Thankfully no as evidenced by the blog post by bassist Gerald Casale:

“Spudboys and Spudgirls, what goes around comes around! 30 years of De-evolution finds Devo back together with the label that unleashed them upon the land – Warner Brothers Records! Why now, why WB? Because the hour is getting late. It's now or never and you know it's true. De-evolution is real! It's time for Devo to reclaim their territory now that the world has turned and vindicated their original vision. What better way to celebrate than with the devil you know? As Booji Boy said "We're All Devo"!”

They also are posting some new tongue-in-cheek “Devo Inc.” videos. Here is one on focus group testing.

View embedded video:

DEVO definitely have not lost their sense of humor and it looks like the spud boys are coming back in a big way. I’m looking forward to their electronic music and social commentary mischief!


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7 thoughts on “Devo Gearing up for 2010 – Playing Awards Ceremonies at the 2010 Winter Olympics in Whistler, BC February 22nd…

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  1. Yeah I do remember them being at SXSW last year and being bummed we couldn’t get tickets now that you mention it. Hopefully they will get through Denver and somewhere in TX near Austin for the new tour. I saw them back in 91 or 92 at the Glenn Miller Ballroom in Boulder for the Smooth Noodle Maps tour. That was pretty incredible.
    Thanks for the new video links. I’ll check em out today!
    – Red


  2. heh… small world. I was out and about alot in the music scene in Colorado in the early 90’s. I wouldn’t be surprised if we almost bumped shoulders many times 🙂


  3. please come play in Florida!!!!! Saw you years ago 88-89? in Orlando!!! Please come back!! you guys rock!!


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