Image Line Drumaxx Tutorial – Routing Pad Output to Separate Audio Tracks in Ableton Live


Drumaxx Released Name Your Price
Image Line has just released a new Percussion Modeling Instrument called Drumaxx made by Maxx Claster. Drumaxx includes 130 drumkits, 900 drum patches, 200 drum patterns. If you use Sawer, Sakura, Morphine, Poizone, or Toxic Biohazard instruments, then you are familiar with Maxx’s work.

Image Line is offering Drumaxx as a “name your price” download for limited until March 31st,2010 with a minimum price of $13 USD with $1 going to support Haiti earthquake victims. With a deal like this I thought it was a “no brainer” so I picked it up.

One of the coolest features is that each of the 16 physically modeled drums can be routed to individual tracks within your host so you can add additional effects. Below I’ll show you how to set this up on Ableton Live.

Routing Pad Output to Audio Tracks in Ableton Live
To illustrate how this works, I’ll show you how to route a snare to a second Audio Track.

1) Insert Drumaxx into a MIDI track in Live
2) Insert a second audio track in Ableton Live called “Snare”. We’ll route the Snare pad to this track.


3) Click the name of the instrument you want to route – in this case “Snare L”.

4) This pops up a menu that allows you to select bus routing. I selected “Bus 1”. Note you can also place multiple pads on to “Groups”.


5) In the audio track called “Snare”, you can now change the input routing so signal comes from Drumaxx on Bus1. Then select Monitor to “In” and you’ll hear just the snare coming from Drumaxx. Now that you’ve isolated this pad on the Snare audio track, you can add native Ableton Live FX and VST FX to this track.



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6 thoughts on “Image Line Drumaxx Tutorial – Routing Pad Output to Separate Audio Tracks in Ableton Live

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  1. Looking forward to spending some time with Drumaxx this weekend. I check the demo when it was still Drumatic and I was really impressed. At $13 it’s a no brainer indeed.


  2. I’m liking using a synth rather than samples to tweek. It’s nice to be ablet to tweak and automate. I’ve also been redampling and slicing to midi to build my own kits in Live.


  3. I was trying to avoid going down the resampling road, but I wanted to be able to;
    -audition the different drum kits and tweak all the parameters in the Vst on the fly in Live while live was playing my midi pattern.
    -see the names of the different drum hits on the midi roll editor
    Here’s what I did….
    I put a midi effect rack in the same midi track as Drumaxx. Then I created a number of chains, eg
    first chain;
    rename Kick
    press key to view piano keys
    assigned it to C3 on the (or whatever the kick is assigned to in the Drumaxx vst),
    repeat for snare, hihat etc.
    Then you can right click on one of the chains and choose “show names in midi editor” option. So then when you go to the midi roll editor and click to engage “fold” the names of the different drum hits will appear.
    So this allowed me to keep full control of all Drumaxx’s parameters and easily be able to create midi patterns in live.
    I hope this isnt too convoluted an explanation but I dont have Live with me at the moment.


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