New Waldorf Blofeld Firmware V1.15


I know, I know, three Blofled posts in two days. Sorry about that. Next post won’t be Blofeld, I promise.

Anyway, Blofeld 1.15 Firmware is now online. Update includes:

  • MIDI Clock reception improvement
  • System Exclusive handling
  • Workaround for USB on Apple computers
  • Sample/Wavetable start as Modulation Destination
  • User Wavetables
  • Changing Multi Programs via Bank MSB (CC#0) value 127
  • Local Off for Blofeld Keyboard
  • Minor bugfixes

I can personally vouch that this update fixes a bug for sending Multi dumps back to the Blofeld. Can't wait to try "Sample/Wavetable start as Modulation Destination ".

  • Visit for more info. Download the firmware from here.
  • Mark Mosher
    Electronic Musician, Boulder, CO

    4 thoughts on “New Waldorf Blofeld Firmware V1.15

    • Hi,
      looks like something was lost in the translation between german and english :
      it is not sample start modulation but sample number modulation (which is fun actually)
      as for the multiprogram change, it doesn’t appear on the german version of the site and I didn’t manage to make it work (taht is a bummer for my live set…)


    • what is “sample number modulation”? I’m playing with Blofeld and don’t know how this feature works. Help!


    • Sample modulate means you can use any modulate source to change where the waveform starts to play. So you could set LFO2 to modulate through the wavetable. The new destination parameter is called PW/Wav. This should work with user waveforms and user wavetable data as well.
      Note, to create user-defined “waves” (as opposed to samples you move into sample memory), you need a third-party utility from


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