Ableton Live 8.1.4 Now Available!


Ableton Live 8.1.4 is now available. They list improvements as:

“Combination Mode is now active when multiple Akai APC40/20s are in use. This means that the topmost controller selected in your preferences will control tracks 1-8, the second controller selected will control tracks 9-16, and so on. When an APC40 and an APC20 are connected at the same time, the APC20's buttons will default to Track Selection, and its faders will default to volume.”

For list of bugfixes checkout the forum post –

You can update to the latest version here –

It's good policy not to upgrade mid-project. Since I’m in final mix down on my album with 8.1.3 and all is well so I won’t upgrade for a week or two. So, if you upgrade, drop a comment on this post and let us all know how it’s going.

Mark Mosher

2 Replies to “Ableton Live 8.1.4 Now Available!”

  1. No problems so far with Live version 8.1.4 on a laptop running Vista 64-bit. I chose the program-only update option, which was much faster than previous updates (no re-scanning of the whole Library). I stressed the CPU a bit for some testing with multiple instances of synth VSTs (Harmless and Sylenth), and my standard suite of USB MIDI controllers (LPK25, LPD8, APC40). As I only have one such device, I was not able to test the new multiple APC40/APC20 automatic chaining feature. Also, I might not be the best tester for this update since I never encountered any of the bugs/crashes mentioned in the change log.


  2. Thanks for the post. I’m in the same group as you – those who are not having any problems – so your post is a confidence booster that they didn’t break anything while fixing bugs :^)
    The new program only update is going to be a real time saver.
    I’m using Harmless and Sylenth as well by the way. Here are some free presets I created for Harmless earlier this year –


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