Moldover Takes Two New Social Instruments syncoMasher and MiniMasher on the Road

I just got an email from Moldover’s email list and thought I’d pass it along.  Modover’s work was one the inspirations behind my 9 Box Method by the way.

Good news!  I have finished assembling two NEW Social x Instruments.  I call them The SyncoMasher and The MiniMasher.  I'm taking these two and the reliable old Octamasher on tour with me for the month of March!

MultiMasher Tour – North-East US

I need YOUR help to make this tour a success.  If you have a friend in any of these cities who might enjoy my work, please let them know when I'll be coming through their area.  Full details and more are on my events page

03/07 Providence, RI – Live show
03/08 Boston, MA – Live show
03/10 Madison, WI – PlayShop & live show
03/11 Chicago, IL – Live show
03/14 Austin, TX – Live show
03/18 Columbus, OH – Live show
03/19 New York City, NY – DJ set
03/20 Ithaca, NY – Live show
03/19 New York City, NY – PlayShop
03/25 Boston, MA – DJ set & PlayShop

The SyncoMasher

Using techniques I learned building The Mojo, I created a five-sided instrument called The SyncoMasher.  I like to play it together with my controllerist friends in an amorphous group I call "The SyncoMasher Quintet".  This 'Masher is loaded with songs from my album and it is tremendous fun to perform with.

The MiniMasher

Sometimes less is more.  The MiniMasher is easy to setup, it's transparent so you can see all the inner workings, and it's got lots of blinkie lights.  This 'Masher will feature original, selectable sounds-sets from my music-producing friends.  Adults love it.  Kids love it.  Cats love it.  Makes a great coffee table.

The Octamasher

Now in its' fifth year of service, the good 'ol Octamasher is still bringing sample-mashing fun to thousands of people each year at festivals and colleges.  OCTAGONAL DRUM CIRCLE FROM THE FUTURE!  Who would've thunk it?

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Mark Mosher
Electronic Music Artist, Boulder, CO

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