Get Inspired to Create Unique and Expressive Sounds with Operator Ambience Vol. 1 by Nick’s Tutorials


Nick’s Tutorials has released Operator Ambience Vol. 1. This is more than just a sound set and in addition to 20 Operator Patches the library also contains, 20 Live Clips, and 21 Videos.

I consider Ableton Operator (along with Ableton Sampler) to be required instruments for your rig. Operator is not only an expressive FM synth with a great user interface, it also can be used as a utility of sorts.  For example, you can use it to create discrete frequencies to say surgically give a kick drum more oomph. If you are new to Operator, your going to want to check out Nick’s previous tutorial Sound Design in Ableton Live: Operator.

Back to Operator Ambience Vol. 1 – according to the web site:

“Unlike larger, bloated libraries that attempt to cover every need possible, this affordable set is all about providing a tightly focused, thematically consistent set of ambient and atmospheric sounds.”

I really love this idea of a smaller deep thematic set of sounds and went the same route with my “Sounds From a Distant Outpost” library. As always Nick’s videos are informative and inspiring and even if you know Operator fairly well, odds are you’ll pick up on some new tricks. 

The Digital download Contains:


  • 20 Operator patches that are completely open to reverse-engineering, tweaking, and learning
  • 20 modifiable Live Clips corresponding with the patches which provide musical phrases and inspiration
  • 1 substantive introductory video packed with Ableton Live tips as well as detailing common elements between all the patches
  • 20 short videos detailing unique or noteworthy aspects of each patch, giving insight into their construction and suggestions for using them
  • The same open inbox policy for support that I provide with all of my products (limited by my schedule, of course!)

Sample Audio

Here are some samples of the sounds, but remember, these are all under Macro control so you can take these same sounds and get different results using the knowledge you’ll pick up in these videos.
Operator Ambience Vol. 1 by nickmaxwell

Incredible Value & Highly Recommended

Of course the idea here is you’ll take these core concepts to improve existing patches or create your own unique patches. Nick’s tips on using velocity as a modulator throughout Operator alone are with the price of admission. This is an incredible value at $9.99 when you consider how much work Nick put into this package and I’m really glad I bought it. Highly recommended.


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