BBC Interview “Brian Eno on Apps and Albums” with Zebra 2 Cameo


I just watched this interesting BBC interview “Brian Eno on Apps and Albums”.  I don’t see a way to embed so click here to watch it..

His latest venture is the app Scape, a follow-up to 2008's Bloom app. Scape not only contains his most recent 'album' of the same name, but is also a tool allowing people to compose their own music on mobile devices.

He developed it with Peter Chilvers, known for his work creating music for computer games in the 1990s.

The app promises "deep access to the musical elements" that the composers used to make the album itself.

I thought it was pretty cool to see one of my desert island synths Zebra 2 on the monitor behind him :^ ).


Here is a video on Scape.

You can buy Scape for 5.99 on iTunes.

Mark Mosher
Electronic Musician, Boulder CO

3 thoughts on “BBC Interview “Brian Eno on Apps and Albums” with Zebra 2 Cameo

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  1. He and his bud were working in iZotope Iris for a few shots of B-roll. Which makes me think it would a good app for isolating parts of a given ambient track then exporting the bits in to ‘Scape’ and ascribing the programming functions to the symbols, etc. —
    A little like if you could semi-randomly mix a set of clips in session view in Ableton and then integrate with a visual mapping system. Hmmm could use Resolume as the visual link… think I’ll play with that idea. love your blog.


  2. Hey Dan,
    Yeah, I’ve been using iZotope IRIS then bringing those samples back into Ableton Sampler and Alchemy. I’ve also been working towards integrating all this with Resolume so funny you mentioned that. Oh, and re. Modulate This! – Thanks!


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