Behind-The-Scenes Video for Electric-Trombonist Darren Kramer’s Upcoming 12.12.12 Gates Planetarium CD Release Party

Colorado artist Darren Kramer (and member of The Boulder Synthesizer Meetup) is about to release his latest CD Beyond the Boneyard. Besides being a phenomenal jazz musician, Darren also makes heavy use of Ableton Live, live looping, Guitar Rig effects, and Lemur as you can see and hear in this video he did last year for a piece called “Heavy Metal Paper Clip”.

DJ DKO "Heavy Metal Paperclip" from DJ DKO : Electric Trombone DJ on Vimeo.

Next week, Darren will play a CD release party for this new album at the Gates Planetarium (which is the kick as state-of-the-art planetarium at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science).


Checkout this cool behind-the-scenes production video for the show.

DJ DKO: Exclusive "Behind The Scenes" Footage for Planetarium 'Beyond The Boneyard" CD Release Event from DJ DKO : Electric Trombone DJ on Vimeo.



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