Kevin Kissinger Modular Set From Annual New Years Electro-Music Streaming Concert

I’ve had the pleasure of hanging out with Kevin Kissinger on four occasions at past Electro-Music events. He’s a great musician who plays synths, organ, and is known for his wonderful Theremin sets. Kevin is also into modular synthesizers and for this recent Electro-Music New Years live streaming concert he performed…

an improvised set on my modular synthesizer as part of the 10th annual New Years Eve streaming broadcast. This 7-minute video is a section of the set that could stand alone as a separate work.




Mark Mosher

2 Replies to “Kevin Kissinger Modular Set From Annual New Years Electro-Music Streaming Concert”

  1. Wow! Imagine this guy using this machines instead of Ableton Live or FL – it would be pretty cool. By the way this article reminds me of Deadmau5 modular monsters and Arturia VST plugins.


  2. Hi George,
    He is using only analog machines. If you look at the notes of the video… “This synthesizer started as an Aries kit that I built from 1976-1979. Over the last three years, I have expanded the synthesizer with diy (do-it-yourself) modules.”


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