Teaser Photo of U-HE Diva’s New Modules


I just nabbed this off of the the U-HE Facebook page…click image to see full-sized view..

New Diva modules arriving in June: Digital Osc, Uhbie-Filter and Arpeggiator/Sequencer. Here’s a preliminary screenshot 🙂

I pulled further detail from some of Urs’s posts on KVR:

It’s got two oscillators. Each with 8 waveforms. Each waveforms has two "Control" parameters that can be modulated.
Most notably:
– TriangleMod: Does a foldback-distorted triangle wave combined with a symmetry-warp function
– SuperSaw: Does a sawtooth with 6 additional sawtooth mixed in, ad variable detune
– Feedback: Does a sawtooth with distorted feedback at variable (tuned) delay and gain
– Noise: Does noise with adjustable bandpass filtering and cutoff
– PWM: Does PWM with an invented-by-u-he pseudo-resonance control
– plus another sawtooth and triangle waveform
Both oscillators can interact by Ringmodulation, Sync and Crossmodulation.

Urs also mentioned the Uhbie filter will also be in Zebra 3.

On the arppegiator Urs indicates:

The sequencer can work in step mode, where the white keys switch to "dub", "replace", "ins", "del", "startify", "<" and ">". The 3 black keys to the right become "CC", "pause" and "tie". CC records ModWheel, BreathCtrl and Expression for each step.

You can also record live, while the sequencer is running. You can layer notes, replace them, pause them, tie them on the fly.

On palyback you can switch between 7 sequences at any time. You can either noodle over them on the keyboard, or use the keyboard to transpose the sequence. You can even layer sequences in realtime, e.g. to add a little variation here and there.

The arpeggiator is very basic but very powerful. It can program the sequencer, and it can transpose it.

Mark Mosher
Synthesist, Composer, Performer

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