Nord Lead 4 Improv Custom Preset b.46

B46 nord lead 4

Here is a little custom Nord Lead 4 preset and improv I made a few days back. To me, it illustrates the incredible sonic range you can get out of a single preset on the Nord Lead 4. When doing presets like this, I link to put myself in the headspace of a modular I use the "Hold" buton to trigger notes then use the impulse morphs to change the patching around the presets. As the note(s) drone on I'm morphing a whole lot of params with the mod wheel, and triggering and latching the impulse morphs. It's super fun and quite a rapid workflow when you get up to speed.

Just as I was heading to bed the other night, I made the mistake of turning on the Nord Lead 4 and started working on a new preset from INIT. I'm not done, but while I was working with the preset I turned on the recorder and captured this improv. So work in progress and a bit of a rough recording (sorry about the crackles but I overdrove the input to the recording in my delirious state) – but you'll get the idea of where this preset is going. So all this is a single preset in a single slot with lots of morphing via mod wheel and impulse morphs.

Mark Mosher (meetup)

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