Let the Sonification Experiments Begin with Ableton Connection Kit

Sonification of Weather Data

Inspired by the JSON Weather Max for Live device that is part of the new Ableton Connection Kit, I've started my journey to figure out how to use real-time weather data for both sonification and to modulate interactive visuals.

I registered and received my API key for Dark Sky API (which is explained in the help info with this device). I'm already pulling data such as Tempurate, Wind Speed, Closest Storm, precip probability, and more. Very cool.


Video of Ableton ConnectionKit

 In case you missed the video on this and other devices included in the Ableton Connection kit – here you go.


Mark Mosher

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One thought on “Let the Sonification Experiments Begin with Ableton Connection Kit

  • Hi, I’m trying to link the API data to the sonification section in the plugin. I’m getting all the data into the plugin but it isn’t linked to the wind, rain and sun in the sonification section. How do I output that data into useable midi within Ableton. Any help most gratefully received!


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