Thoughts on Simplification of Digital Distribution + Reissue of my Horror Soundtrack Album “No Ghosts. Just Fear.”

Thoughts on Simplification of Digital Distribution

Like many artists these days I am my own label. As new music publishing services platforms have popped up through the years, I’ve pretty much joined them all just to try them out. Same with social media.

Flotsam and Jetsam

I’ve recently taken pause to review my digital “surface area”. The amount of flotsam and jetsam in this regard was staggering. I still had a MySpace account – haha. My new goal with all this is to go through a serious voluntary simplification move so I could spend less time managing accounts and more time on art.

My objective on the distribution side was to consolidate to one site to manage digital distribution of my releases. Here is what I did – your mileage may vary.

Current State

A few years back, I had already moved from another provider (Tunecore) to CD Baby for my distribution to iTunes, Amazon Music, Google Play, Spotify, and most other digital delivery services. I chose CD Baby as I liked their model where you spend once up front to get the release out to these services – and have the option to add the release to new and up and coming services without getting nickeled and dimed. I also like their download cards for releases. CD Baby lets you opt-out of streaming if this sort of thing bums you out.

Bandcamp was also a fav of mine because it provided an outlet for those who wanted non-DRM MP3 and high-quality MP3-320 or FLAC. I also had put some of this music on SoundCloud and ReverbNation for preview.

Yeah – Bandcamp and CD Baby, I’m Going to Need That Non-DRM MP3, MP3-320, FLAC & Bigger Artist Cut…

The only release major I didn’t have on CD Baby was my horror soundscape album No Ghosts. Just Fear. This album has some serious sub-harmonics and a big sonic range that I couldn’t quite get in the bottle. As a result I turned to a pro and asked the amazing Gannon Kashiwa to master it for me. At the time, I distributed the release on Bandcamp so I could provide MP3-320 and FLAC so people could hear all the harmonics and sub-harmonics that Gannon managed to surface from the source work.

As I was considering my options for simplification I came to realize CD Baby also offers MP3, MP3-320, and FLAC. Yes, I somehow missed this announcement in 2013. Check that one off.

Also, with CD Baby Standard, if people buy off an artist’s CD Baby store, CD Baby only takes 9%.

So CD Baby + Bandcamp will do the trick for all my needs.

Long Story Short… More Time for Music

To make a long story short, I’ve pulled my releases from all other outlets except CD Baby and Bandcamp. I deleted my ReverbNation accounts (and all the other zillion other accounts I had) and will simply distribute “releases” through these two outlets.

Reissue of my Horror Soundtrack Album “No Ghosts. Just Fear.”

So with all that said, and in the spirit of the Halloween season, I’m happy to announce the reissue of No Ghosts. Just Fear.

You can here full previews of the tracks on and buy MP3, MP3 320 and FLAC files on CD Baby, or checkout the release on iTunes, Amazon Music, Google Play, Spotify, and most other digital delivery services.

Liner Notes

This album contains five original instrumental horror soundscapes by Boulder-based synthesist and composer Mark Mosher. Listen in the dark on a great sound system with a sub-woofer or with good headphones and let your imagination run wild! Then remember, it’s all in your head :^)


released October 27, 2012

Album Credits:

Composed, Arranged, Programmed, Performed, and Produced by Mark Mosher

Mastered by Gannon Kashiwa

Cover Design by Dave Weed

Cover Photo by Mark Mosher


1 – “Primeval”

Amygdala kicks in as you enter the fear zone. Remember, itf’s all in your head! I use hand crafted synthetic sounds (subtractive and additive synthesis) to create strange tones, textures. and rhythms to build tension. Fast note-runs, and radical tempo changes will creep you out. This piece was performed using Percussa AudioCubes. Note I released this as a single in 2011. Even if you’ve heard it before, the album version is a new high-resolution remix. For this remix I reprogrammed some of the effects, remixed the track a bit, and then re-rendered with highest quality synth settings. Plus this track and all others were mastered by Gannon Kashiwa and it sounds simply incredible!

2 – “Alone in the Dark”

When you are alone in the dark your mind will play tricks. Over the last year I’ve been spending time listening to the tone. harmonics, overtones, and distortion created by expressive electric guitar greats like David Gilmour. “Alone in the Dark” is my exploration of expressive manipulation of harmonics and distortion with a single synthesizer patch custom programmed. As a result you’ll hear me go beyond the sonic range of guitars into the sub-harmonic realm.

3 – “Fight or Flight”

Your brain is on overload as you run for your life through a dark building searching for the exit. I broke a long complex original audio recording into small chunks called “grains” with a custom patch in a virtual instrument called Absynth. My patch allows me to traverse, manipulate and perform with this massive sample as if it’s an expressive instrument with a very unique harmonic palette.

4 – “Under the Spider’s Web”

There is a dim golden light ahead in the dark. Between you and the light, there is a spider and of course a large web blocking your path. Was that something crawling down the back of your neck? Like the previous track, this is custom granular synth performance.

5 – “Orbiting Miranda”

Inspired by the film “Serenity”. I used a variety of custom programmed virtual synths and effects to create this lush but dark ambient piece. Note I released this as a single in 2011. Even if you’ve heard it before I recommend you buy the album to get this new high-resolution remix re-mastered by Gannon Kashiwa.

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