Video: The Return of My Custom Lemur Patch for Blofeld Synth

I spent part of the last day off of the holiday season dusting off my Lemur patch for the Waldorf Blofeld. I created this patch for the 2015 Heartland tour for the  duo (no)poem which I play in with Darwin Grosse. Pics of that tour are here.  Also see a related post on traveling with this desktop rig with a Pelican 1510.

Video of Patch in Action

I’ve got more to do and more panels to go but thought I’d share a video of the progress so far. Note this is using one of my original Blofeld patches from INIT.

“MM Blofeld Performance 2017” V005 Change Log

I made it through 5 iterations on the main performance panel (and some of the other panels). Photo on the left is the old patch, photo on the right is the new one.

  1. I’ve rearranged the keyboard layout to be more standards so the Mod Wheel, Aftertouch, and Pitch Bend controls to the left of the keyboard
  2. Increased the size of the keyboard section and keys and black keys to make it a more playable
  3. Changed the third X/Y to controlling the filter balance for each oscillator (in other word I can modify how much signal from oscillator is going to each filter) instead of controlling Blofeld’s W & X parameters.
  4. I added labels to the controls
  5. Changed some of the colors to be more consistent

Master Page Controls Summary

Here is what I can control from the main panel without menu diving:

  1. Set octave
  2. Play notes
  3. Toggle sustain pedal lock
  4. Send an “ALL notes off” as a panic button if things go sideways
  5. Mod Wheel
  6. Aftertouch
  7. Pitch Bend with physics (bounce the pitch bend wheel and control speed and friction)
  8. X/Y for Filter 1 Cutoff and Resonance with physics
  9. X/Y for Filter 2 Cutoff and Resonance with physics
  10.  X/Y for Filter 1 & 2 Balance
  11. Global control for all X/Y: Friction, Attraction Speed, Optional lock to X or Y
  12. Amp envelope stages
  13. Filter envelope stages
  14. Ring Mod Level
  15. Ring Mod Balance
  16. Spider Notes (misusing the Breakpoint object)- allows me to trigger a notes as multi-segment of points in a rectangular space with note modulate the pitch bend of the note along the Y axis.  Physics for point movement and control  attraction, speed and friction)
  17. Battery charge indicator

More to Come

I’m working on different interfaces for panels for things like Filters, LFOs, and wavetable manipulation. Watch for future posts on the Blofeld category and Lemur categories and/or subscribe in email or RSS to get updates on this work in progress.

Mark Mosher
Modulate This!

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