New Single & Video: “Space-Time Distortion Near Track Number 8”

Space-Time Distortion Near Track Number 8 - cover2

Sometimes when gear acquisition syndrome calls, I take a pause in the action and recommit myself to the gear I already own. I was recently kind of lusting after something bleepy and and perhaps an analogish instrument with self-contained sequencing. Then I thought, hey, I can just live sequence the Nord Lead 4 slots from the Octatrack. “Space-Time Distortion Near Track Number 8” was born.

I published the track as a single on Bandcamp

I also made a live studio recording of the session then edited this into a super trippy video.

I’ve been working with the Octatrack for 4 years and the Nord Lead 4 for 3/12 years and they still inspire and surprise me. I’m really happy with the sonic range of the Nord Lead 4 and this track shows off that you can get both non-linearity nastiness and warmth from the instrument. Octatrack + Nord are really an amazing pairing that can give me a strong synth, sampler, sequencer, drum machine combo without a computer. Rugged as hell as well.

So once again I dodge the gear acquisition bullet – for now! #TheStruggleIsReal

More on the track…


I discovered a space-time distortion while visiting Chicago. The location of the anomaly is at track 8 at Union Station.

Artist Notes:

This audio and video was captured in one real-time pass to a Zoom Q4N. The primary source video for 90% of the visuals is from the overhead view of the live studio session. The only other footage is a video field recording from Chicago’s Union Station also recorded on the Zoom Q4N. The audio was not edited when I added video effects in post.

The audio field recording was extracted the Zoom Q4N video shot at Union Station. It’s mangled pretty heavily in this piece put if you listen closely, you can hear an automated voice informing you that you are at track 8 and 10. Interestingly, the speakers at the station are not directional and the audio is at different loop lengths – so just wandering about between these gates is a trippy polyrhythmic treat.

Instrumentation and Instrumentalities:

The piece is a combination of live sequencing and live performance. The Octatrack is used to host drum samples and recording. It is also used to MIDI sequence 3 synth slots on the Nord Lead 4 including MIDI automation. I perform live using all 4 slots on the Nord plus manipulate the Octatrack in real-time. Lots of real-time sound design and morphing. All the groovy synth sounds are exclusive to Nord Lead 4 all being created in real-time (meaning no synth audio was pre-recorded).

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