Spreading the Word: Ableton “Learning Synths” Site – and Yes I Mind Mapped the Course Outline :^)

Earlier today my go to synth news site Synthtopia published a post about the new Ableton Learning Synths site… ” Today, Ableton quietly launched Learning Synths, a new website that teaches the fundamentals of synthesis in an interactive way.”

It’s an interactive media site called Learning Synths. You can use the site right from within their browser on your computer or mobile device.

I spent some time poking around in the site and feel it’s a great site for students or up -and-coming musicians and producers who want to learn more about synthesis so I wanted to also do a post to spread the word.

I also wanted to do this post to share a mind map I made from the course menu (hamburger top right) which illustrates the comprehensive the site content.


Synthesizers are at the foundation of many different kinds of music. They’re musical instruments that can make a huge range of sounds. But they can be hard to understand.

Learning Synths is a new, interactive website that puts a powerful but easy-to-learn synthesizer right in your web browser. It’s free, sounds great, and works on any internet-connected device. Best of all, it comes with its own step-by-step lessons so you can explore and learn the fundamentals of synthesis at your own pace.

The lessons in Learning Synths start with the very basics, so they’re perfect even if you’ve never used a synthesizer before. Or dive right into sound design with a rich-sounding instrument that’s built for exploration and play.

Outline in Mind Map Form

The course is quite interactive and comprehensive as you can see from the mindmeister mind map of the site outline I created below.

Click image to enlarge


Some fun highlights are a playable theremin in the Play with Amplitude and Pitch section – https://learningsynths.ableton.com/making-changes/play-with-amplitude-and-pitch.

The Synthesis Playground has a full-on interactive browser-based synth https://learningsynths.ableton.com/playground. It even has some synths to get you started.

Even if your know these concepts already it’s worth checking out the site to how Ableton put together the course and immersive multimedia. Again the site URl is https://learningsynths.ableton.com/.

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