FullDome Festival is Streaming May 13 – 16 with Free and Paid Events

Heads up, the 14th full Dome Festival is streaming May 13 – 16 with

  • Best international Fulldome films
  • Frameless Forum (Tech-Talks)
  • Streaming concerts
  • DJ/ VJ Perfomances

The 14. Jena FullDome Festival goes livestream! Watch all festival films live in our special 360° Cyberdome.

We offer non-infectious access to the festival program as you would have seen it in the Zeiss-Planetarium Jena – except it will be virtual.

View the fulldome shows live at home on your computer, laptop, tablet, or even with your Oculus in full 360° VR. With your confirmed ticket purchase you will receive a code to access the festival stream.

They are streaming the free events via their Facebook Page

Get your ticket –> https://tickets.fulldome-festival.net

Full program –> https://fulldome-festival.de/program/

Watch FullDome Festival’s Elder Statesman Micky Remann explain why this is so and how everyone on earth with internet connection can watch the 42 best and newest fulldome films of the season. As it should, the 360-degree festival program is streamed to your own CYBERDOME at home.
A ticket to the three-day Jena FullDome STREAMING Festival is a ticket to ride deep into the wondrous world of immersive media!

The FullDome Festival provides an open platform to present and praise immersive media, electronic arts, science, business and the exploration of fun and future in full dome. We invite media artists, Planetarium people, science and music visualizers, interdisciplinary researchers, dome VJs, 360° performers, spatial sound creators and pioneers of immersive technologies from all around the world to show their work and share their ideas. Live and surround, beyond the flat frame paradigm.


The Festival is produced by the Fulldome Festival Foundation, a non-profit, 360° independent foundation based in Jena, the vibrant city of science and light where modern Planetarium technology was invented a hundred years ago.


The FullDome Festival honors outstanding work with the Janus-Award. The double-faced Roman god Janus was chosen as our patron saint because he sees front and rear, past and future simultaneously. No one is better equipped to bless the best in the network of immersive media reaching for the stars.

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