Studying the Sounds of Forbidden Planet – Part 1


As a huge fan of Louis and Bebe Barron's work on Forbidden Planet, I decided it would be interesting to create a Cycling '74 Max Patch as a platform to teach, illustrate and approximate some of their circuits in digital form using BEAP.

To get things started, I created this patch with a playlist object that allows me to listen to all (or sections of each cue) in isolation and visualize the sound in scopes. I'll continue to evolve this patch so subscribe to this channel for updates as I go.

Note this is all for Educational Use. Watch Video.

Using Cycling ’74 BEAP Modular in Max for Live


I’m digging deeper into BEAP. Note – I’ve created a category for BEAP posts –

Today I worked out how to use a BEAP patch with Max for Live. The trick is to MIDI from Live’s “midin” object to BEAP’s MIDI to Signal then map the audio to BEAP’s M4L-OUT. You can then use your controller to send MIDI notes to beap, rack up the patch, assign Macro’s, use Live devices in the device chain.


To test all this, I map various knobs to macros from within the patch plus route MIDI CC 30 to change the speed of the LFO. I’ve also mapped the delay time to a macro with the delay set to “repitch”.

Here is a video of my patch in action:

Stretta, BEAP creator, has step-by-step video of configuring this


My First Cycling ’74 BEAP Patch


I’ve decided to study and learn Cycling ’74s BEAP Modular (comes with Max/Max for Live) and VIZZE the video modular system.

I’m starting off with BEAP.

“BEAP provides a robust library of high-level modules that you’ll know and love from the analog synth world. Patch them up and interface them with your own analog synth modules for a world of new possibilities and sounds.”

It’s super fun and sounds great so I encourage fellow synth geeks to give it a go if you have Max or Max for Live. There are some fantastic tutorials here by Darwin Grosse to get you started

I watched the first three and than made my first patch – Krell of course!!!

Here is a video the patch in action.

More on Max and Max for Live here