Photo / Video Journaling on Denver & Boulder Synth Scene on Instagram

The Denver & Boulder synthesizer scene is just exploding. In most weeks, there are multiple events happening of all types ranging from meetups to jams to concerts. I’ve started photo and video journaling the events I attend out on Instagram


I’m pointing this account out as I last year I went through a serious round of voluntary simplification where I deleted all my social accounts except for Facebook and Twitter. So if you followed my old Instagram or want to start following use this new account.

My journal this week includes photos and videos from:

  • Freq Boutique:  A monthly event catered around modular synthesizers and synthesists hosted by WMD Device’s Alex Anderson (Aka Nasty Nachos). You can think of it kind of like an open mic night for synth heads.
  • The Rocky Mountain Synthesizer Meetup #57: Our Effects Electric – An Outboard FX Processor Roundup

I look forward to follows and following you fellow synth geeks back.

Spreading the Word – 3rd Law Dance Theater Presenting Elision Project Vol. 2 April 21-23 in Boulder

Spreading the word…

I was first introduced to the 3rd Law Dance/Theater through my friend and Darwin Grosse who collaborated with them on numerous occasions. Last week, I was invited to attend a rehearsal for their upcoming show Elision Project Vol. 2.

It’s just a fantastic show and includes collaborations with commissioned scores by Conor Brown, Jesse Manno and Tom Wasinger so I wanted to spread the word.


When: April 21, 22, 23
Where: Dairy Arts Center in Boulder
Web Site:

About the Show

3RD LAW 3rd Law Dance/Theater is an award-winning modern/contemporary dance company that demonstrates a passionate belief in the power of live, in-the-moment performance. The company has been producing completely original, highly innovative work since 2001 presenting a panorama of evening-length, provocatively themed works and site-specific installations. The directors and dancers profess a creative vision that merges a powerful, energetic bodily idiom with a thoughtful and personal spirit and desire to create a magical space for widely diverse audiences that will transport them outside of the here and now

Last year’s well received Elision Project, EPV.1, spotlighted the wonderful performing arts hub that our very talented local musicians and dancers create in Boulder and surrounding communities. 3rd Law is recreating the concept as Elision Project Vol. 2 (EPV2), an entirely new evening to, once again, stimulate conversations between music and dance, create a platform for audiences to witness the way in which collaborations take life, support our community of local artists and create fruitful new works through collaboration. “One of our goals has always been to seek new directions for collaborations, and challenge our choreographic style with new music and sound,” says Jim LaVita, 3rd Law Artistic Co-Director, “with that in mind The Elision Project materialized as a platform for new conversations with internationally recognized composers whom we are honored to have as part of our local landscape.”

HOW THE EVENING UNFOLDS… Each composer will play a set consisting of a piece of their own choosing and then the commissioned work created with 3rd Law. The contrasting forms of recorded and performed music in both classical and modernist idioms will be united by the athletic poeticism of the company’s eight dancers.

About the Music

Jesse Manno

Jesse Manno is an inventive one-man band blending many cultures’ sounds with a keen sense of dancer timing and interplay. Middle Eastern lutes, flutes, electronics, percussion, and voice express Manno’s broad stylistic range.
In rehearsal, I got to hear one of Jesse’s pieces. It was really interesting and he made use of prepared according – bam!

Tom Wasinger

Tom Wasinger will utilize the Viol Da Gamba and human voices in an exploration of personal and collective grief. Tom is also the founder of The Lost Angel Stone Ensemble, the world’s only touring collection of resonating stone instruments. This is the first public performance with these instruments in 18 years, featuring a reunion with fellow composer Jesse Manno.
I got to hear one of Tom’s pieces as well on the Viol Da Gamba which I’d had the opportunity of hearing live before.
Fantastic! What I DIDN’T get to hear was the resonating stone instrument – so I’m super excited to see this at the performance I’ll attend.  Here is a link on Tom’s site for this instrument.

Connor Brown

Conor Brown’s clarinet performances feature complex rhythms and colorful ornamentation influenced by his familiarity with world music. His compositions here are inspired by the sweeping prairies, big sky, and jagged peaks of the American West.

Connor wasn’t at the early rehearsal I attended – but the rough cut recording of what he is going to play was quite moving.


Video from a Past Performance

Just to give you a sense for the type of shows 3rd Law produces – here is a video of a Authentic Re-Production” which was a collaboration with Darwin Grosse.

Video of My Guest Solo Performance with the Boulder Laptop Orchestra Event at CU Atlas Institute

I had the incredible honor of being invited to perform with the Boulder Laptop Orchestra on March 18th (Related Blog Post). This is a live video recording from the “Boulder Laptop Orchestra BLOrK performs with guest Mark Mosher” event (Facebook Invite).

The video features my original solo improvisational piece “Tonalities from Orbit” which I was invited to perform to close out the night with the ensemble. Earlier in the program I performed interactive visuals for 7 pieces for the ensemble.

The video is live and audio from a Zoom Q4N.

Program Notes

Tonalities from Orbit” is an original structured improvisational piece inspired by the ground breaking work of Louis and Bebe Barron – who in the 1956 provided the soundtrack to the seminal Scifi film Forbidden Planet.
The hand-built circuits they used to create the “electronic tonalities” of this film pre-dated the modern synthesizer and were limited to oscillators (producing mainly square, sine, & triangle waves), ring modulators, overdriven tubes, reverb, and delay (done with tape manipulation).
Informed by these limitations, and using only a Nord Lead 4 synthesizer, Mark created 14 original and expressive “circuit states”. In this performance he will play and morph between these states as a framework for the piece as he brings his version of the Krell to life.
The performance will be complimented with Mark’s real-time visuals using only live camera input as a source with audio-responsive automation.

Photos and Program


Denver Immediate Music Festival April 29, 2016


The Immediate Music Festival is Today (April 29, 2016) in Denver. The festival is broken into two parts – a workshop in the morning and a concert in the evening. The festival features the Flux Conduction Ensemble lead by my good friend/collaborator and Conduction maestro J.A Deane. Note my friend Victoria Lundy who I featured in a post yesterday is part of the Flux Conduction Ensemble. See Facebook invite for more details on the event

Here is an article on the festival from Westword Magazine.


The Immediate Music Festival is celebration of collaborative improvisation. Students and the community are invited to attend workshops and demonstrations of Soundpainting, Conduction, Pauline Oliveros’ Deep Listening, Group Improvising, and to enjoy wonderful improvisatory performances and interactive presentations.

All presentations and workshops will be made by extremely experienced, thoughtful, and gentle artist/clinicians including Jane Rigler and Janet Feder from the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs, Master Improviser and Soundpainting expert Evan Mazunik, French Horn Professor/Improviser/Educator Jeffrey Agrell from The Universty of Iowa, and Conduction maestro and master improviser J.A Deane.

The days events will be followed by an evening concert featuring the group Sone (Jane Rigler, Janet Feder, Evan Mazunik, Mark Harris) improvising and accompanying short silent films, and the Flux Conduction Ensemble led by J.A. Deane, collaboratively improvising using the gestures of Conduction.

This event, including all workshops, presentations, and the evening concert, is free and open to the public. Registration is highly encouraged (see below) and lunch will be provided to registered participants.

When: Friday, April 29, 2016, workshops and presentations from 9:00am-2:30pm, evening concert at 7:30pm
Where: Kenneth King Academic and Performing Arts Center on the Auraria Campus, 855 Lawrence Way, Denver CO 80204
Parking: Free in the 7th Street Garage (7th and Lawrence)
Cost: FREE!


Workshop Schedule

9:00—9:15 am Meeting and introductions
9:20—9:40 am Sone Performance with Jeff Agrell
9:40— 10:00 am Get to know the artists
10:00—10:10 am Ten minutes of group sounds
10:10—11:05 am Soundpainting with Evan Mazunik
11:10—11:30 am Janet Feder Performance and Chat
11:30—12:00 pm Group Play
12:00—12:30 pm Lunch
12:30—12:50 pm Improvising with Jeff Agrell
12:50—1:10 pm Deep Listening Workshop with Jane Rigler
1:10—2:05 pm Conduction led by Dino J.A. Deane
2:10—2:30 pm Final Group Performance led by Jeff Agrell
Evening Concert

7:30 PM Concert – Free and Open to the Public
Sone accompanies silent films by women
Flux Conduction Ensemble
King Center Recital Hall and King Center Music & Dance Studio | Google Map