Tim Thompson’s Space Palette Pro – Version 0.1 Based on Sensel Morph

Back in April of 2011 I made a trip out to California to perform a set at the Art Institute of Sunnyvale. I met Tim Thompson at the show and he invited me over to see an early version of the Space Palette which I documented in a post and video here. Tim has spent... Continue Reading →

An Update on Tim Thompson’s Space Palette Kinect-Based Instrument Including Video from STEIM

I first met Tim Thompson last Spring when I performed in Sunnyvale. He invited me over for an An “Exclusive First Look at Tim Thompson's Kinect-Based Instrument: MultiMultiTouchTouch”. Since then we’ve kept in touch and he’s made incredible progress on this three-dimensional instrument so I thought I'd do an update post. Now called Space Palette,... Continue Reading →

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