Percussa Kickstarter for micro Super Signal Processor Eurorack Module (mSSP)

My good friends Bert and Celine over at Percussa have just launched a new Kickstarter for the Percussa micro Super Signal Processor (mSSP) Eurorack Module.

Project image for Percussa micro Super Signal Processor Eurorack Module (mSSP)

The Percussa micro Super Signal Processor (mSSP) Eurorack Module is a powerful Eurorack DSP module based on one of the fastest ARM processors available, the quad core Cortex A17 at 1.8GHz, and high end AKM audio converters offering 8 in / 4 out with up to 192kHz sample rate and 32-bit resolution.

It comes with 50 modular synthesis patches offering polyphonic wavetable, granular, sampling and traditional synthesis techniques, multi-channel audio processing and much more, all in only 26HP of rack space and for only $549.

See more details and contribute at

Watch This Cool Tutorial on How to Make Pink Floyd “On The Run” with M4L OSCiLOTT Modular


I’ve had Max for Cats OSCiLOTT Max for Live Modular for some time but only recently had time to start digging into it. I’ve been poking around on YouTube watching tutorial videos on the instrument and bumped into this fantastic demo of how to make Pink Floyd’s “On the Run” in 10 Minutes. The demo also shows off how great OSCiLLOT sounds.

The video is by Gattobus (check out his YouTube channel here).

This is a tutorial I prepared for my students during the synth course in RockFactory music school in Siena (Italy) I used Ableton Live 9 with M4L plugin OSCiLLOT by Max for Cats. “On the run” is a classic piece of electronic music that I like very much to cover every now and then… so: here it is, again! 😛

You can use this tutorial to get an idea on how this piece is done and try to apply the basics to every kind of synthesizer you might have.

Photos from Modular Synth Lightning Patch Walkthroughs at the Rocky Mountain Synthesizer Meetup

March 2017 Meetup Slides v2

Last Wednesday I hosted the 55th Rocky Mountain Synthesizer Meetup. The meetup now has over 550+ members! This meetup featured the return of a popular theme from 2016, Modular Synth Lightning Patch Walkthroughs.

Here is the format.

Prepare a modular patch prior to the event. 3 days prior to the vent, send me up to 5 photos or screen shots of your patch which I will projected on the big screen night of the event. Bring you modular synth. Provide 1/4″ stereo outs which will patch into a sub-mixer that runs to the PA. You’ll get a mic, a laser pointer, and 6 minutes to talk about your patch. During mingling time, hang out and show people your patches and rigs.

The meetup was well attended and there were some inspiring rigs and patches. Also I performed with the Carbon Dioxide Ensemble. A bit thanks to all those show presented and attended!

Here are some photo highlights.

Want to see more? There are over 50 photos on from this event. Check out the photos here.


Percussa Debuting SYNTHOR System 8 Wireless Digital Modular at @NAMM2017 booth 4823


My good friends Bert and Celine from Percussa are introducing a new digital modular system – Synthor System 8 – at Winter NAMM 2017.

Check out at SYNTHOR System 8 at booth 4823. 

Synthor System 8 Includes

  1. Percussa ENGINE – A new digital hardware synthesis module
  2. Percussa REMOTE – A new controller
  3. 8 Wireless AudioCube modular controllers (you can add more or use existing current gen of Wireless AudioCubes)
  4. Aluminium rack ears to mount ENGINE above the REMOTE

Percussa ENGINE

ENGINE (top module in rack) is a software digital modular synthesizer that lets you patch wirelessly using AudioCubes. It’s a stand-alone digital modular with no computer required. Synth modules are automatically linked to AudioCubes.


Percussa REMOTE


Remote (bottom module in rack) allows you to configure AudioCubes and set parameters in SYNTHOR without having to touch your computer.

Percussa AudioCubes for Wireless Patching

Patch wirelessly by moving AudioCubes next to each other, and change synthesis parameters simultaneously, simply by moving cubes relative to each other. Up to 15 AudioCubes are supported.

Aluminium Rack Ears


Aluminium Rack Ears are included to mount ENGINE above the remote control surface for optimal usability.

Learn more at