Free Presets

The Return of Modulate This! Patch Lab

Modulate This! Patch Lab ™ is back. It’s a section of this site where you’ll be able to download and buy some of presets and sound sets. I’ll be adding sounds and sound sets soon. For now, check out the Zebra 2 presets below. Subscribe if you want to be notified by email when this section of the site launches. Take the poll to let me know what synths you are into.


Free Zebra 2/Zebralette Presets


Outpost: Airlock is a set of  12 expressive presets for Zebra 2 and the free Zebralette. These presets show off Zebra 2’s Oscillator FX capabilities.

Here is a sample track made using only sounds from this sound set.

Click here to download a zip file that contains the presets and patch notes.