Spending More Time on My Music Laptop & Dusting Off Some Original Presets for Synths like U-HE Zebra 2

I find I've been spending more time making music and sound with my laptop while in isolation than with hardware. Of course I'm still making music and sound with my Elektron boxes, but I'm just noticing the laptop is getting more use in my day-to-day. Perhaps it's because I can just take it anywhere in... Continue Reading →

New Sonic Encounters Soundscape “Ghosts of Time and Space” Featuring Samples from Empty Vessel’s Ghosts Audio Edition + Video of Improv Session

Video Here is the video from a session where I improvised a new soundscape called ". This was improvised on Ableton Live 10 with Push 2. https://youtu.be/gu8xJfs4J64 Sources Samples While I mostly do my own sound design I've been enjoying using libraries from others to introduce pleasant surprises ("chance operations") into some of my improvisational... Continue Reading →

Southern California Synth Society Summit Streaming April 18-19 on YouTube + Shout-Out to Colorado Modular Synth Society Sessions

Passing along some news I received from my friends over at the Colorado Modular Synth Society. The Southern California Synth Society Summit will be streaming on April 18-19 on their YouTube channel. Schedule Shout-Out to The Colorado Participants Saturday April 18 6 PM MDT (5 PM PST) - Synth Society Summit - Panel: Sequencing Modular... Continue Reading →

Details of Online Version of @Ableton Loop Summit for Music Makers Announced

Ableton just posted details of Online Version of Loop Summit for Music Makers on the Ableton Loop Facebook Group We couldn't hold our Loop Summit for Music Makers in person this April, so we've decided to bring a little of the Loop spirit to you, wherever you are.On every day of the weekend, from April... Continue Reading →

Pink Floyd is Streaming Full Length Concerts as Part of the @YouTube Film Festival + Making “On The Run” with @MaxForCats OSCiLLOT Modular

Some weekend listening and patching ideas for for you. Pink Floyd is streaming full length concerts as part of the @YouTube Film Festival. Plus down below find a link to how to make "On The Run" with OSCiLLOT by Max for Cats. Head over to the Pink Floyd channel on YouTube now for PULSE which... Continue Reading →

Video: Howard Jones Transform Tour Live at Leicester’s De Montfort Hall

Some uplifting synth songs for your Thursday. Howard Jones has posted live footage from his Transform Tour at Leicester's De Montfort Hall. The band features Howard Jones, Robbie Bronnimann, Dan Burton and Robin Boult Recorded and mixed by Stephen W Tayler. Here is Part 1. https://youtu.be/n2M7GxbUyGU The First three songs from Howard Jones's critically acclaimed... Continue Reading →

Elektron Announces Full Release of Overbridge 2

As a long time beta user of the Overbridge beta, I was excited to learn that Elektron has released the final version which they are calling Overbridge 2. Overbridge makes life easier for musicians. It is a free of charge software suite offering powerful tools and deep control when connecting compatible Elektron instruments to computers.... Continue Reading →

Samplr 1.4.4 Update with Panning, Return to IAA Host and More…

My fav iPad app Samplr The Multitouch Sampler just got another update to 1.4.4. https://apps.apple.com/us/app/samplr/id560756420 Updates in 2020 Here are all the updates so far this year. 1.4.4 April 15, 2020 Sample panningButton to return to the IAA hosPlay/Pause button latchImproved support for audio interfacesFixed microphone recording to one channelFixed support for Files appMIDI Sync... Continue Reading →

Check Out Brian Funk Music Production Podcast #165 with Isotonik Studios Founder Darren Cowley

I'm a huge fan of Isotonik Studios Max for Live Devices. I really enjoyed Brian Funk's interview with Darren Cowley founder. It was interesting to hear how Isotonik Studios came about and also learn about a lot of the free giveaways they are offering each week to help us make more of our time inside.... Continue Reading →

Online Streaming Tip: How to Save Logitech C920 Webcam Settings

If you reading this post you are either 1) a longtime Logitech C920 webcam user 2) managed to have incredible timing and get a camera before they sold out like toilet paper 3) hope to get one real soon ๐Ÿ˜€. I'm in category #1 and have C920 C922x. Now at this point you have probably... Continue Reading →

Optimizing Zoom Audio Settings for Streaming Music with Your Computer

My good friend and one of my mentors Dino J.A. Dean sent this helpful video "Zoom Settings for music performance" so I wanted to pass it on plus do some screen shots of settings that improve music streaming through Zoom. https://youtu.be/mEAb4G063sM Let's Take This Step-By-Step I already knew about some of these settings but somehow... Continue Reading →

Video Original Ableton Wavetable Preset “Numbers” on Push 2

A quick post to share a video of a new original preset that's in progress on the most amazing @Ableton #Wavetable#synth. This one is inspired by Kraftwerk and it called "Numbers" ๐Ÿ˜€. #SaturdayNightSoundDesign. https://youtu.be/mhAueAcXGPk This was made entirely with Push 2 without using a mouse. As I'm using Push I incorporate the touch strip, velocity... Continue Reading →

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