Video of Presents: 3.1 – “Approaching light, sound and space with a singular vision” – Whoa!

I just discovered via some videos on the Fact Magazine YouTube Channel. " was formed back in 2016 as an outlet for the ambitious audiovisual projects of Russian artists Kristina Karpysheva and Alexander Letsius. Approaching light, sound and space with a singular vision, understanding them as essential parts of a monolithic whole, the duo... Continue Reading →

Members of DEVO Release New Videos of “Whip It” and “Jerkin Back and Forth” for Charity

Josh Freese & brother Jason w/ Jerry & Bob of DEVO to support the Epilepsy Foundation of OC. Josh’s son was diagnosed years ago; his wife is on the foundation board. To inspire support, they shot new videos.From DEVO's Twitter feed Donate to The Epilepsy Foundation of Orange County DEVO's Jerry Casale & Bob... Continue Reading →

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