What’s New in Lemur 5.3.4

It’s been a while since we’ve seen an update to Liine’s Lemur App. 5.3.4 is now available in the App Store. Make sure to get the new Editor & Daemon on the Liine website.

Here is what’s new.


– App now launches in full native resolution on iPad Pro

– MIDI from Sequencer is fixed when using USB

– Container Tab-bars can now be hidden from In-App Editor inspector

– Improve responsiveness on large projects

– MIDI ports with special characters are no longer ignored

Editor and Daemon (download from Liine website)

– Mac Editor and Daemon now 64bit and signed

– Fix Editor crash when pasting non-ASCII characters

– Mac Editor max width now 2560 pixels

– Editor MIDI Mapping list now shows all mapping, including those set to Project/Parent

– Home and End keys correctly interpreted in Script window

– Fix Script window scrolling while selecting

– Fix instability when using stretch function in a script

– Fix unresponsiveness after clicking a menu’s scrollbar

– Add support for iPad Pro resolution

– MIDI ports with special characters are no longer ignored

Mark Mosher
Composer, Synthesist, Electronic Musician, Multimedia Artist