Isotonik Studios Asteroids Max for Live Generative Sequencer Free Till April 8th

UNTIL 8th APRIL ASTEROIDS IS FREE TO DOWNLOAD. It’S yours forever so don’t delay in adding it to your account.

Asteroids is a MaxforLive Generative Sequencer that can be used on it’s own or integrated with Ableton Live supported controllers.

Designed and created by Ableton Certified Trainer Mark Towers the device takes it’s inspiration from the hours spent spinning the Circular Dial and hitting the boost button to avoid the oncoming space rocks, then layering them into oblivion!

Here is the product page

Asteroids works in standalone mode or can be controlled directly by the Ableton PUSH & Push TWO or Novation LaunchPad & LaunchPad PRO!

Here is the intro video.

The Full Lineup

Here are links to the full lineup of Isotonik Studios Arcade Series sequencers.

In Use

In a related note, I host the Rocky Mountain Synthesizers Meetup which held it’s 7th anniversary part at Tilt Arcade in Louisville, CO. This event included arcade inspired performances. I reached out to Isotonik Studios and they were kind enough to give me a copy of Arcade Series Ultimate which I used at the event. Here is a 5 minute video of my set.

I start using Tetriq around the 3m30s mark where I use the Push 2 to play. I have to get a row before notes will fire which is harder than it looks 😅. I also use an Max for Live device to map an XBOX 360 Controller to Live for audience participation. Some explicit samples from Sci Fi movies at the end of this video – simply for educational purposes 😉.

These sequencers are super fun and inspiring so I definitely recommend you give Asteroids a try.

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