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Hi. Mark Mosher here from Boulder, CO. I’m a synthesist, electronic musician, and a multimedia artist. Since 2005, I’ve been blogging here at Modulate This! – a blog on synth tech, technique and a travelogue of my studio and performance travels.

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This blog is Copyright 2005-2018, Mark J. Mosher, Published by Newecho Productions, LLC – CC-BY-NC.

About Mark

Mark Mosher is a synthesist, Composer and multimedia artist from Boulder, CO. Visit Mark’s artist site here.

He releases and performs cinematic electronic, experimental, dark ambient, dark techno, musique concrète, and glitch music. He performs as a solo artist and in collaborations The Carbon Dioxide Ensemble, (no) poem,  AI Winter, and The Denver Synth Drone Collective – both locally and at events across the country. With over 20 years experience in hardware synthesis, Mark’s favorite instruments are Ableton Live Suite + Push 2, Elektron Octatrack, Elektron Analog Four, Nord Lead 4, and Waldorf Blofeld. On the virtual synth side of things, Mark’s favorite instruments are U-HE Hive, Zebra; Tone2 Electra2; and Native Instruments Absynth.


  • Named as one of “Twelve of Colorado’s Greatest Synthesizer Artists” in 2017 by Westword Magazine.
  • Founder of the 600+ member strong Rocky Mountain Synthesizer Meetup named as “Best Music Meetup” by Westword Magazine in 2017.
  • Select performances: Ableton Univeristy Tour, University of Colorado Atlas Black Box, University of Denver (Black Box, Lamont School of Music), Electro-Music Festivals (NY, Asheville, Indy), Microsoft Store Denver.
  • Music technology consulting to industry magazines (Keyboard, Recording) and Denver STEM Schools.
  • Sound designer for the “Sounds from a Distant Outpost” Live Pack.
  • Commercial Sound Design contributing to factory content for Rob Papen’s Blade synthesizer.
  • Designed the 9 Box Interactive Multimedia Installation: Part collaborative instrument, part interactive installation with visual feedback. Designed using custom templates and methods based on Ableton Live and Percussa AudioCubes. System allows players to shape sounds by manipulating infrared gestural blocks. Featured in The Bob Moog Foundation’s Dr. Bob’s Interactive Sonic Experience at the Mountain Oasis Festival in Asheville, NC, and is used in Denver STEM Schools.

Check out Mark’s CV here.

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