Mark Mosher here. I’m a synthesist and multimedia artist. I compose and improvise to create new music, sound, and visuals with synths, samplers, and computers. My live musical performances and fixed media works span the realms of electronic, electroacoustic, musique concrète, electronic tonalities, techno, experimental, and soundscape with a focus on cinematic narrative.

I perform in the Denver & Boulder area and at events across the country as both a solo artist and with The Carbon Dioxide Ensemble, (no) poem,  AI Winter, and The Denver Synth Drone Collective. I’m also the founder of the 680+ member strong Rocky Mountain Synthesizer Meetup (60+ events and counting). More details on all this at my artist site NewEcho.com.

Since 2005, I’ve been blogging here at Modulate This! on electronic music tech and production.

While I program a wide variety of synths, I spend a lot of time with Ableton and vitual instruments by U-HE and Tone2. I’m also a big Elektron fan.

When not doing music, I enjoy travel, reading, and outdoor life in and around Boulder Colorado.

If you find the articles on Modulate This! helpful and/or inspiring, consider visit my donation page and consider a donation to support the effort.

Mark Mosher



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