About Modulate This!

Hi this is Mark Mosher. I began blogging and teaching people how to be sound designers since 2005.

A Little More About Me…

I am a composer, sound designer, and consultant from from Boulder, CO. I have deep expertise and experience in synthesis and production.

My main instrumentalities include keyboards; grid controllers such as Ableton Push, and AudioCube infrared gestural controllers; My “goto” synthesizers include and Ableton Sampler, Simpler and Operator; U-He Bazille, Hive, Zebra, ACE; Tone2 ElectraX, Icarus;  Elektron Octatrack, Native Instruments Absynth;  Nord Lead 4; and Waldorf Blofeld.

Select venues where I’ve had the privilege to perform include Gates Concert Hall at the University of Denver, The Dairy Center for the Performing Arts, Electro-Music Festival NY, Electro-Music Festival in Asheville NC, Pacific Northwest Synthfest, Art Institute of Sunnyvale, Georgia Tech, Midwest Electro-Music Experience, The Microsoft Store, the grand opening of the University of Denver’s Performance Black Box and more.

My collaborations include (no)poem with local friend Darwin Grosse, A.I. Winter with Michael O’Bannon out of Atlanta , and The Carbon Dioxide Ensemble with Tom and Victoria Lundy out of Denver.

Lastly, I founded and lead the 520+ member strong Rocky Mountain Synthesizer Meetup.

This blog is Copyright 2005-2016, Mark J. Mosher, Published by Newecho Productions, LLC – CC-BY-NC

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